Direct Mail Services.

When it comes to your direct mail services, Rickland Direct is always the best and obvious choice. We can do anything from lasering, handwork, labeling, tabbing, bindery, inkjeting, and much more. Our years of experience hand in hand with our commitment to quality, make us the best in the business.

Rickland Direct is proud to be one of the top mailing houses in the state. With us there are never any tricky fees, or hidden costs. Customer satisfaction is always a guarantee when you choose us. You can always expect error free orders because of our highly experienced and trained crew.

Rickland Direct helps you with all of your direct mail services by supporting you with experience, flexibility, and training, Call us today for fast and dependable direct mail services in the state of Virginia. We also offer free consultation upon request. Call us now!

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FULL COMPUTER SERVICE Up-to-date records kept on your inventory. Accurate and fast record keeping of your stock.

DEMOGRAPHICS By county, city, state, income, children - just about anything you need to know.

MAILING LISTS Specialty lists, client's list maintenance, Cheshire or pressure sensitive label printing, CASS certification and barcoding.

POSTAGE OPTIMIZATION Read more about it Here.